Questions is this what you get for your arm?

I was thinking about the fusion blaster arm know it feels even more like a handicap no pun intended to use more than a powerful weapon that comes with a powerful sacrifice It doesn’t feel as impactful as it did before with explotion fire that made the old fusion blaster arm distinct and unique and also powerful in some Circumstances I am sorry to say I have not looked at any actual numbers is just my feelings from playing the game but the finger laser is a better alternative and no sacrifice

so why not use that instead
It’s because replace in your whole arm with a big gun is really cool!

I want to know what you think

I am not very good at spelling English
I am sorry if i am doing a Topic already been made

You can technically make it in game
using the debug menu and Template feature but I would like it as a really proficient

If I understood you correctly you want to create a new profession and are asking how to do so? If that is what you want, then reading the official guide to adding new content should explain how to do that.

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I was very surprised but I manage to get it to work and I was wondering about the point cost but that’s something I have to worry aboutThanks junktown for the help