Questions from the king of wolves

Okay quick question about the latest experimental build and a few questions/suggestions

Question:Is the lmoe shelter bugged like a maggot ridden corpse or am I just a unlucky bastard as I cannot seem to get that fucker to appear in my world even when selecting sheltered beginning ???

Now for my suggestion: I know I am not the only one that feels the seething emotion of annoyance when it comes to the encumbrance of items such as a sweater taking up the normal layer and yet a hoodie which is the exact same size when worn in reality and also seems to have the unrealistic carrying capacity of a pouch and takes the outer layer…And a t-shirt taking up the normal layer for no adequate reason giving no reason to wear one when the waistcoat exists… so perhaps this could be changed and balanced to sate my annoyances as I own some of the clothing in this and personally I can wear a t-shirt,hoodie,denim jacket and my archery equipment regularly all without being hindered slightly and can even send pics if you want and how easy movement is within it (btw my denim jacket has 6 pockets and my hoodie can barely hold two items without them falling out but it compensates with its lack of storage with it’s ability to protect from the good old western European weather)

Suggestion number 2: Another thing that annoyed me is the fact that you can wear a quiver on your waist without a belt and why does a piece of bark encumber 10 ??? why can you not use the waist quiver as a belt as I can also send images of so many people using their quiver to hold other items along with my own…plus the bark encumbrance…

Theyre much much more rare, if youre asking.

I did make them required, and I still cant always find them.

LMOEs require some minimal distance from nearest city. If you’re playing in a metropolis type of a world, you won’t get any because they have nowhere to spawn. Same for labs.

Explains alot, damn I am a idiot x) thanks coolthulhu

As I had not realized the distance from cities might be a factor, I added it to the wiki.