Proper order of wearable items?

I remember reading that the order in which we Wear items is important. Anyway, I put my reinforced trench coat on after my rain coat, which was put on after a tank top and a polo shirt. Somehow, a wolf attack ripped the tank top and t-shirt but left the two large coats intact?

Am I just doing it wrong?

This was how I understood it. Maybe you just got unlucky?

God knows I try to put on extra clothing over my belt rigs and utility vests because they rip so easy.
Which doesn’t make much sense in hindsight. I mean, putting a coat or something over webbing?

I’m almost positive that you’re both correct but I’m also pretty sure attacks check for what’s worn, not what’s worn in front of something else, or if they are it either doesn’t always work or the item you’re using to cover doesn’t fit over the item you want to protect?

I have my socks constantly damaged even though I wear boots, same as my glove liners and my long underwear (all Items I put on FIRST, before my outer garments)

i did notice that my last worn items tend to be the first to break as a general rule, though there are exceptions sometimes. Particularly rain coats and/or ponchos have a bad habit of disintegrating when in close proximity to zeds :slight_smile: (yeah, and i always try to have a “normal” order of clothes, for RP flavor, except for my socks that i wear over the sneakers, hobo style)

Seeing as my character wears like 12 layers of clothing, usually a trenchcoat, 2 ponchos, 2 underarmours, and then 2 tanktops, it’s always odd how it’s the tanktops that get damaged first, no matter where I put them. Perhaps the damage is checked against all clothes and it just rips the weakest ones first?