Questions about the old .lua coding system (For Science)

A long time ago lua files were kind of supported (thanks to CIB) but not very much. CIB eventually got the game to accept an “iuse” command written in lua for a manhack activation. I need more information about doing something like that. Mainly for doing This, of having the transform commands in lua instead of json.

  1. How do you get the game to accept/run a lua file (in a mod folder, preferably)

  2. How do you write new iuse commands correctly in lua
    2.5) What would be the lua equivalents of the operators in C++

  3. Is there any way to convert iuse commands already in the iuse.cpp/.h to be usable in lua (copy/paste)

I know I’m trying to dig up an old topic that not many people know anything about, but I’m hoping somebody will have ideas in the least.

  1. Check out StatsThroughSkills mod. It has a lua function hooked up to an event (passing day).

  2. Check out doc/sample_mods/lua_manhack_iuse

2.5. I assume you mean DDA functions and not basic stuff that can be found in a lua tutorial
You find which methods are exposed by which class (lua/class_definitions.lua has the list of classes) and call those in lua.

  1. Nope.