Questions about spoilery lore

Can the blob take control of creatures that haven’t been born yet?

I read speculation somewhere that the blob tries to control creatures, but currently living creatures are resistant to the control of the blob due to stuff that is summarized as willpower. If eggs were laid by chickens that were exposed to the blob, would the babies from the eggs be horrible zombie monster birds?

Also, the Design Document says the blob doesn’t care much about deliberately snuffing out the last survivors. Is the blob mainly here for resources and the creation of strong zombies for other extradimensional wars?

Also, I read a post here about slimes no longer being connected to the blob. Is it those black blobs? Is there a PR that shows this?

Thanks for patience with a lot of questions

Since the Blob has infested any and all water bodies, I can’t imagine any creature that hasn’t come into contact yet with it.
Unless changed, freshly hatched chickens would probably be too small to be controlled by the Blob.
As for others, I think because unborn creatures are part of host (as in: mother), the blob can’t take it over, as the mothers body will fight it or - based on sad real world events - reject the unborn if taken over.

To my understanding, yes, they are here for the resources. Zombies - to my understanding - are only a side effect and the Blob does not actively seek out to create them (but still uses them if they happen).
But that’s all what I’m getting from the document, I’m not on the pulse of what’s going on exactly.

I’m not sure they ever were connected to the Blob in the first place… I’ve heard different things from different people at different times, so hard to say.
The only (good) thing I’ve found is this pull request and specifically this comment.

Probably, yes. If they are called Slimes, that’s them, not the actual Blob.

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The blob is supposed to be a unknowable intelligence that operates accros several dimentions. It is not even known wether it became concious of earth in any way or wether it’s expansion to earth had about the same level of desicon making put into it as we have over our immunesystem identifying and destroying a new pathagen.

Your question of unborn creatures does raise a interesting point: When a pragnant mammal zombifies. What happens to the unborn fetus? Does it die? Does it mutate into a horrific abomination? Does it fuse with it’s mother into something even more horrifying? Sounds like a interesting idea for a new line(s) of horrifying enemies.

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That’s surprising! Similar to one of the commenters on the PR, I always thought they were related because slime globs could be used for mutagen and there used to be husk zombies that split into slimes. Then again, tainted flesh of a migo can currently be used for mutagen as well. I’ll wait to see what happens to the feature.

The slimes used to be called blobs and it was kind of embiguous if they where a pure form of the blob or not. But about halve a year back they made the decision to split them from the blob and just make them slimes instead.

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