Could the blob produce a 'Solaris' or "The Stuff" like effect in people infected with it?

Being a MASSIVE sentient creature, could sentient creatures infected with but not(yet) taken over by The Blob share some sort of involuntary mental link(Kinda like Harry/Voldemort) between each and the other creatures controlled? Influence a person’s perception/reality and maybe vice-versa without having partaken of the Mycus?
I know the lore says that at a certain saturation point(Like in the movie ‘The Stuff’) the blob kills and then takes over the host.
The blob can make use of senses and biotics in fully infected so it must have some access to whats left of the info within the minds of its victims. Is there a cross awareness at all?

naw. if you separate the black blob from tainted meat its revealed to be perfectly harmless and all it does is just wiggle a bit.
it isn’t like the stuff where it is actually capable of hiding itself and planning to infect other hosts. the blob is only capable of reacting to basic stimuli like sight, scent, and sound

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That sounds like sentient instinct. Like dna?
I found a post(So what actually is "The Blob?" (lots of spoilers)) where Kevin said its hyper intelligent and we’re dealing with the individual cells. Cells communicate though…
That makes me think, if humanity was able to start retaking the planet from the blob, would that then make us akin to cancer cells to it?
Oh shoot, could that mean humanity was/has actually already been incorporated into the ‘body’ of the blob before the cataclysm happened?

See the design document and the discussion on blob psychosis. Current canon is that the Blob presence does effect human cognition to a greater or lesser degree.

It’s also been established that using highly mutated individuals to fight the Blob is a really bad idea - the Blob doesn’t really care if its autonomous biological units beat each other up a little, but any post-Threshold mutant who caught the Blob’s hostile attention would be turned into a meat puppet.

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cells may be able to communicate but it still isn’t able to “think” or have long term planning if you catch my drift
and we’d be more like a virus to it than cancer cells
however one theory i’ve heard is that the blob already infected everybody through the water supply

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from what i’ve heard the blob only affects hosts by making them aggressive and try and bite people as much as possible. the ability to “think” would require advanced tactics like tool use or ambush tactics. and only ferals seem capable of primitive ambushes of hiding and jumping out, instead of advanced ambushes like choke points

I get what you’re saying on that level, for sure.
It sounds like though that ITS the virus(at least at first it was), hijacking cells(an individual) and reprogramming them. Once it infected the whole of humanity we became a part of its body and then we became the virus to it. If we look at the whole of humanity as a ‘body’ as the blob is a ‘body’.
On the level we’re at to it. Even if we were able to hold the planet with the blob present, after infection, wouldn’t we’d be more like a cyst?
I wonder what it would take for humanity to be an actual contender against the blob?
On the idea of tactics, humanity has used and uses mob rush(Soviets in WW2). The zeds kinda act like white blood cells.
Ohh, though wait, animals and bugs use ambush/hunting tactics all the time, sentience or even high intelligence isn’t needed for that.

I can understand that, sounds like they could be considered like a localized infection, or zit, that the immune system would purge by taking over or killing?
Would the fact that the blob could individually locate and directly take control of a post-threshold mutant mean there was some type of low level sentience of it’s ‘cells’ or that it can directly control it’s ‘body’, like the idea that meditation can let someone control their heart rate, blood pressure, ect?
If a unmutated human force employing non organic(even AI controlled) technology against the blob at a large enough scale to be noticed happened, would the blob be able to hiijack/zombify the entire force at that point?
And thanks for the link to the design documents, I didn’t even know about that

I can directly control a lot of my muscles, but that doesn’t mean I’m wriggling my toes all the time. Similarly, the Blob might be able to directly control the little bits of blob that are in a mutagen, but the Blob doesn’t need to do that all the time, and so people can put mutagen in their bodies without immediately becoming meat-puppets for the Blob. However, if a mutant somehow managed to become a noticeable threat to the Blob, the Blob could take over the blob bits inside of them.

bio, you’re basically wrong on how the Blob works and don’t seem to be distinguishing the Blob, which is the transdimensional intelligence that attacked Earth as part of the Cataclysm, and bits of blob, which are detached elements of the Blob’s body.

But do you think the mutation is the blob remaining in the body or catalyst to a change in form of the body?

The difference would imply the person having a retained blob is nnot a mutant at all and the blob does the work of the change.

Where as the latter, the blob being a catalyst and does not linger would actually mutate the creature and dissolve/fizzle out/be absorbed by the host in which it changed.

example: making me super strong doesn’t require the blob inside me. The mutagen could kick off the change in my body to form more muscle mass and then be sh!t/pissed out like any other waste.

I still don’t got how the blob is used in mutagen.

I think it is used more as a way to bond DNA and modify them but it is neutralized due to the high chemical concentration

The biochemical substance known as XE-037 or blob bits in the fundamental substance of every mutagen. XE-037 is also the individual components of the Blob’s body.

When you consume mutagen, you are consuming XE-037, adding to the XE-037 already in your body from the pervasive environmental contagion. The mutagen XE-037 modifies your body, but it does not go away unless you take purifier to get rid of it.

The Blob can control the XE-037 in your body at any time. It normally doesn’t bother, but if you attract its attention while you have significant amounts of XE-037 in your body, it will use those XE-037 bits to overcome your nervous system.

There might be ways to fight against the Blob, but an army of super-mutants is not one of them. It’s basically the same as buying all your telecommunications equipment from China and going to war with China.

Soooo, that indirectly means that people don’t mutate at all. They just have weird crap happen to them with blob glob in their body. :man_shrugging: