[Question] Royal Jelly and science guys

Quick question, in the latest experimental build (5 Jan) I found a group of dead scientists, and in the middle of the mess i found a royal jelly(It was on the ground, not on the corpse of the scientists). I never found it along with the remains of a scientific team, so anyone experienced this before or its just a bug?

Wow. It’s actually very common for me. Anyway, everyone knows what it does (Apparently except you). It clears any infection/disease.

I know what royal jelly does, it saved my life after establishing my outpost near a fungaloid infested area.
Where did your wild guess, that I didn’t knew what royal jelly was, came from?

Seemed like you found it for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

The first time on a group of scientists, someone should update the wiki, it says you can find in science lab but not on scientific teams.

The wiki is always often behind the game itself in information. Updating it is hard work.

I would help on that, but I am full of work at school, and also I have to get back translating the game in Italian… I’ll do my best to report strange things on a .txt and when I have free time, update the wiki with the material.

Probably a Rare item spawn. Corpse piles can from time to time have extra Stuff that’s pulled from a separate Rare Items group.