Question regarding 'wander spawns' toggle

So I hate the idea of being able to wander around a city after a relatively easy session of stealthy ranged ‘zed plinking’, so I enabled ‘wander spawns’ hoping that it would increase the challenge a little.

I guess what I was hoping for was a relatively static number of hordes in the vicinity that respond to an activity ‘heatmap’ of sorts, not being too reliant on ‘programming voodoo magic’ to find me, or fill in areas that had been recently cleared though.

After heading into town, I spent a number of days mowing my way through waves upon waves of zeds, finally clearing the outskirts of the town. I then poked my way down main streets wrecking anything that had the audacity to make a beeline for me.

Whilst I had not cleared the town entirely, I felt I had made great progression and decided to move back around to the original side of town I moved in from.

This would be a great time to mention that every single corpse I dropped was finished off with some deft slices from my combat knife so as not to leave them with any thoughts of reanimation whatsoever.

As I moved around, I noticed large groups of fresh zeds in all forms scattered throughout the areas that I had previously cleared, and as I got further around I saw this was not an isolated case. It actually looked no different to how I originally found the city.

I found this pretty disheartening as I was damn quiet in my methods of ‘street sweeping’ (only using a bow and not a single alarm raised etc)

What I feel had happened was that when the game noticed blocks of zeds had been cleared, it just magically respawned in a heap more with little rhyme or reason. I don’t mind the fact that there are hordes, in fact, I love it, but I guess the bit I didn’t enjoy was the magical respawn mechanic, where it seems to just ‘fill the gaps’ soon after each area was cleared.

Can anyone tell me, Is there any end to this magical respawn ?