Question: Post-Thresholds and Meat

Question - do any of the post-threshold mutations give a preference for eating fresh, uncooked meat? I know Eater of the Dead lets you eat rotting corpses, but it would seem that certain thresholds (like Arachnid, Beast, Cephalapod or Raptor) should prefer to eat fresh, uncooked meat. I’m not sure if any of the ‘hunter/culler/etc’ mutations do that. I don’t usually play characters that would voluntarily turn themselves into an animal.


You can get carnivore and strong stomach from a few different mutation categories which will let you eat raw meat semi-regularly, but there’s no reason not to cook it. Plus being a carnivore is a huge pain since meat isn’t always the easiest food resource to get in massive quantities, whereas you can get loads of flour five different ways. So being a carnivore character usually comes down to figuring out what recipes you can eat that still contain flour and veggies since you can no longer just devour hardtack.