Question on how to rig a copy of the hallucination EOC to spawn hostile NPCs

Is it even possible to tell it to spawn NPCs? And to determine their faction as well as to set them to see wherever you are like the Nemesis?

I’m making a personal mod to see how it goes. I already have a feeling that should the RNG decide to give them high-powered rifles then I’d be dead, but I still wanna see it happen and my eyes are starting to hurt snooping around the json files. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong places? I’ve checked the monster group files, the effects and eoc files, even the scenario file.

At the moment you could do it via update_mapgen, but it would be a bit wonky. Its something I’ve thought about adding when I had a use. If you make an issue about it on Github I will try to get around to adding it.

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I just say this feature would be very much appreciated or is there something more to it?