Question: Basements of burning houses- Safe?

So I have dumped all my stuff in the basement of a house in a nice position however, the house itself got invaded by a hoard and is now littered with bodies and continues to be a magnet. At this point the house itself is an annoyance but I am not really capable of moving.

Can I safely:
a) Go up stairs, light the house on fire, go back down stairs and continue working only to come up to clear the rubble?

b) Burn the house down from the outside, clear a path to the stars and go back to working?

The downstairs in the evac shelter remained after burning it down.

I’m guessing you’re not into roleplaying.

I’m going to assume you play with Z levels on otherwise the upstairs wouldn’t ever burn if you went down stairs buuut if you burn down the house you’d create a massive amount of noise and attract more hoards so you wouldn’t really accomplish anything right?

Unless you mean hoard in the sense of just a bunch of static spawned zombies then I’d go with B because A sounds more dangerous to me.

It’s more like they keep showing up endlessly so I wanted to replace the house with something else like an impromptu bunker made by fixing the nearby homvee enough to move, cutting a hole in the bottom and parking it on top of the stairs.

The humvee is going to be destroyed eventually, BUT! you’ll need to be on the same level as the house if you want to burn it down. Otherwise you can ascend from your cellar a year later only to find your molotov still burning and the house still standing.