Question: Amigara Horrors

I needed to test this with a second cave which took me a while to find but after finally doing so I have to ask: (and I will spoiler this just in case there’s an actual reason for this)

Is it normal for the horrors to fight among themselves?
I spawn them, and back away as I wait for them to spawn. The moment they spawn, they begin in-fighting, leaving just “the winner” to face me - which just needs a .223 to the face to kill him - even though at “|…” health I could probably sneeze at them and win.

Gah, another faction casualty. Nice catch, thanks!

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that aside, you shouldn’t be able to ‘back away’, as activating the event causes your character to be drawn towards the holes…

I never noticed that being a thing, but I wonder if that has anything to do with me using Phase Immersion Suit + 5-Point Harness Anchor combo (both on).

Maybe the environmental protection prevents the amigara effect from taking hold? I’m assuming so since the obsession should be sort of a mental attack.
I think at one point a tinfoil hat worked against them.

The Phase Immersion Suit (on) has the “keeps out mind control rays” property.

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