Neutral creatures keeps attacking my companions

I have the Terrifying trait so borderline hostile creatures tend to leave me alone. But not my companions though, and since they’re not agro towards me my companions doesn’t fight back. There’s been a few companion casualties due to this as when I’m crafting for a while they get hit a few times before I could stop crafting then die from bleeding.

The creatures back off when I’m near them though. Creatures attacking my companions but not me tends to be the oversized crows, ants, and sometimes hyenas who decides once in a while that they don’t wanna test the firepower of my shotgun.

Maybe they should be agro’d towards me too when they attack my companions so at least a warning prompt can immediately stop any action I have. That or have a way to match the movement speed of my companion so they’re much closer to me, without having to pass my turn every ones in a while during the journey, and hence be under the protection of my menacing aura.