Question about hunting and butchering improvements


I have a question connected with hunting. What additional hunting features are planned for future updates or 0.E? Will hunting / butchering be just polished, or changed into something that will be much more complex than ‘current’ hunting / butchering?


There’s no real plans because there aren’t any contributors really interested in that right now.

I would recommend, to the limit of your ability, contributing the changes you would like to see for hunting.


As far as archery and hunting is concerned, proper high-quality small game arrows that don’t pulp their target are going to be a thing relatively soon. I also have some interesting ideas for things like arrows that have a small light attached to make them easier to find at night, or small bullet cartridges mounted on an arrow that do extra damage on hit. Bird hunting arrows (which grab the target after they hit, making the end of the arrow stick up in the air afterwards) are also a possibility, but I’m not totally sure of how to implement it.

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