Purifying water in a steel drum (200L)

I made a water container which can store 800 units of water, I filled it up with a water pump but I can’t manage to purify it since the quantity is extremely high, I tried installing a water purifier on my workshop and placed a storage battery with a capacity of 40000 units of energy but its says the volume of the water is too high to be cleansed, ¿should I get more batteries or is there another way to purify it?

Try installing the drum on the vehichle then purifying it.

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I recall purifying a 200L tank of water, but it was definitely part of the vehicle.

I can’t install the drum on my vehicle (workshop), I assume its because its filled with water and my workshop is stuck inside my base and far away from the water pump.

Edit: ¿It is just me or the option to install a drum is missing? I installed an empty frame but the specific part doesn’t appear and I checked every part tab.

I believe you can only weld/attach empty containers to vehicles.

Also the 200L drum, is called an “external tank”, and it is fitted to empty space next to a frame, not within/on a frame like the sub 60L tanks.

Right, install an empty tank on a square next to a frame. As for filling it, well, get another 200 L Drum and carry water inside it from the pump to the vehicle and simply fill the tank through the vehicle menu.

Cant you just pump water directly into the vehicle itself?

No, he says it’s too far away.

Update: My bad, the drum was supposed to be installed outside the vehicle not in a frame, as for the water I crafted a 100L drum to carry the liquid and fill the vehicle and managed to purify it, I find it weird why the water purifier was unable to clean the water if it comes from external containers. Thanks for the feedback.

It’s just that way. They can’t purify water over a certain volume. No clue what that volume is, either. You could, in theory, drop a whole bunch of water purification tablets in there, though.

Why not install a 60L tank with a funnel over it to collect dirty water, and then a purifier pouring clean water into the 200L tank? Rainwater will eventually fill it.

if your base/framenet is powered you can install a water purifier to it, then install a funnel over it and the tank. while on it will automatically purify any water.