Pulped Corpses

The blood graphic that is produced when you pulp something by smashing it happens even from inorganic or at least creatures with not flesh. For example, smashing a manhack corpse produces blood,and so does a skeleton corpse. I wouldnt categorize this as a real “bug” because it doesnt really affect anything,but it seems to be an oversight.

Here is an example:

actually that’s Manhack semen, it’s red. they come when you kill them.

And skeletons arent actually skeletons, if you read the description.

A skeleton picked clean of all but a few rotten scraps of flesh, somehow still in motion.

Im guessing theres still internal organs etcetc.

Robot oil.
Skeleton bone marrow.
Mosquito blood.
Graboid juice.
Pick your poison (spider guts).

We obviously need to make rainbow pulp when they add Unicorns.