Certain creatures don't bleed

There seem to be certain creatures that aren’t affected by bleeding even when the right type of damage (cutting, piecing and ballistic) is inflicted. These enemies include the skeletal zombies and the insects. For the insects I can’t understand why this is as they do seem to leave behind insect blood if killed but they don’t get the bleed effect if shoot, stabbed or otherwise. I also don’t understand this for the skeletal enemies since they are just zombies with ossified skin. You would expect that if you riddle one with bullets or manage to make deep cuts in them with a sword that they would be bleeding but somehow they don’t.

Edit:seems sludge crawlers also don’t bleed

Honestly Zs shouldn’t really bleed at all since all the major functions of human blood have presumably been replaced by the blob, since zombies a) don’t breathe and b) probably don’t heal via white blood cells.

Then again certain zombies are inherently liquid based, and should of course respond to bleeding attacks by spurting out whichever toxic, disgusting fluid is appropriate for that species of zomboid.

If I understood correctly, only monsters made of flesh can bleed. Skeletons are made out of bones and insects are made out of insect flesh, thus the game considers them immune to bleeding.

That said I agree that they should bleed, especially since skeletons have long since been changed from actual skeletons to bone armored zombies.

That is strange since insects sort of already bleed since they leave behind bug blood if killed or driven over.

I should of clarified that you can’t apply the “bleeding” effect to monsters not made of flesh "material": [flesh].
Overkill damage on giant bugs and co makes them splatter into bug blood and bits not because they bleed, but because they are made of insect flesh "material": [iflesh].