Pull/Drag heavy items

Forgive me if this has been suggested before.

You’ve got your nice pit trap. A buck falls in over night and you wake up to meaty goodness and fur and sinue to make a pimpin coat and hat out of…only you have a problem. The deer corpse is too heavy to pick up, you don’t want to have to fill the pit back in, butcher and move, then make a new pit, and just jumping in and breaking both legs isn’t an option.

Would be nice to have a command to drag a heavy object next to you into your current square, or push a heavy object in a direction away from you. Would also help you drag along other objects you can’t carry rather than doing multiple trips.

They have this in URW and it works great.

I don’t recall where it was said at the moment but his is planned. Or I misunderstood something.


The search function is your friend ;).

Ah, thats where I saw it.