Moving barrels and car engines

Could the things that are obviously too heavy to lift or bulky to be wielded be given a similar flag as furniture that would allow you to move them with the G command?

I’m not a coder but I imagine that would be simple in comparison to the other optional suggesion I’m about to make;

While dragging engines there should be a small (0.5%) chance to damage it. I think this would significantly improve the feel of the game. As the current / inventory movement tactics feel very gamey or almost an exploit.

I want to see how you gonna push a big V8 or V12 Engine through dirt, sand, grass or even normal asphalt. That’s not a lot easier than picking the whole thing up, thanks to friction ; it can even get stuck if you >push< or >pull< it in dirt or sand.

Usually, >if< you move something bulky, heavy or big in our world, you use tools! :stuck_out_tongue: Or, more precisely and in Cataclysm terms, small vehicles, like a trolley or handcart of some description. Cataclysm has several of those, >and< you can build your own, if they’re not big enough. Please be also aware that furniture is a lot lighter than an Engine. Just for comparison, a generic wardrobe might be around 70kg, an engine is double that.

You do have a point though, at least barrels or drums and similar round objects are pretty easy to push, so that could be helpful, yes.