PSA: Autosave does not Autosave

Apparently this is intentional as well. It saves your character but not the map… I’m still reeling from the loss of a 5 or so day game (real time, not in game). I have my character but my whole base with all my tools/equip etc. has been reverted. I could try and recover but the break of my character from the world is cheating and breaks the immersion so I’m deleting everything. I still can’t believe someone would implement an auto save feature that does not actually save your game without some kind of warning in game. Fuck.

Yeah this was a known bug that was only recently uncovered. A pull addressing this has already gone in and should be in the next nightly build which should hopefully completely solve the problem, but if it doesn’t this will be one of our priorities to get fixed.

So brutal, lol. I just deleted the save this morning because I couldn’t bring myself to do it last night. Dieing after days of game play is no big deal, it actually feels appropriate, like an ending to the game. But that uneventful fizzle hurts my soul.

The same has happened to me…
And since i am a windows user with bo compilation method availablr i don’t think i will be able to experience the fix until after .6 comes out… ;-;

Happened to me too, near a former body of mine, after I picked up most stuff, so I got a lot of extra ammo, food and an extra pistol. Too bad you can’t dual wield.