Auto save breaks the game

I turned on auto save the map thing and it crashed mid game, when i started the game up again it started up where i couldn`t drag it down.It only happens when i use auto save.its anoying,because I have to delete the files and then put them back in.

I have the same problem. Sometimes the game just freezes and… that’s it. I am using Cygwin, so I have no way of “restoring saves” like flapjack3, so…

Unfortunately save-scumming is still sort-of a necessity, if only to protect yourself from errors like this.

Don’t use autosave, just periodically backup your save directory in (C:\Cygwin\home\user\cataclysm-dda) and keep yourself honest.

They are laggy as well. i wish they atleast told you about them a turn before they started so you dont wonder why the game has appeared to crash.

In linux versions there’s an animation telling you it’s saving. The windows versions unfortunately lack any animations at all (I think somebody’s working on that through) so as well as not seeing explosions, moving cars, and bullets you also don’t see the saving animation.

Autosave happens every half hour of ingame time, so you may be able to take a look at the game clock to figure out it’s saving.

It seems like an easy to fix problem. Just add a gui update function call after the new message but before the saving function call. (Have not looked at the code, so not sure how difficult it is).

That must be LazyCat’s version. It added animations for waiting, etc, but I don’t recall it fixing the save one.

I finally decided to use Cygwin to play this game, as almost any new commit is a good reason to be up to date (lots of fixes and good additions, although lacking backwards compatibility). From what I gather from the latest version on Linux there’s a display that shows the amount of chunks of map (I think) being saved (like [1254/6874]), so it’s very easy to figure out what’s going on. It also seems to take far less time to save than on Windows, even on big maps.

The game pops a message up in the corner saying its saving when it autosaves.

Not in my version… :frowning:

0.3 will have it.

You are a god among men!

Any chance of being able to tell it how often to autosave too? Every half hour can seem a little much when yer just sitting in your base reading mechanical mastery.

in options, under help.

I’m afraid there’s no options for setting the amount of turns before autosaving. You can only turn it on and off.
I posted a suggestion about this a few days ago, but didn’t seem to gather much interest.

Ah. i am mistaken. i think there was once… sorry.
perhaps you might turn it off before reading. i turned it off because its just a pain in the body.