Prompt For Lost Weapon

Even though I know that cutting and piercing weapons can be lost in combat, I frequently go several rounds of fighting (and sometimes wander off entirely) before I realize I’ve lost a weapon. Although it’s been a while since I’ve lost a weapon and not been able to remember where it might have been lost, it’s certainly happened before.

Losing a weapon in a fight is a pretty big deal. It’s not the kind of thing that happens and you somehow manage to miss it. And losing a weapon can be absolutely deadly if you don’t notice. This makes the Bashing weapons wildly more appealing because they can’t be lost and you don’t have to worry about missing it happening.

I’d like to see a prompt come up when you’ve lost a weapon. Or at least a specially colored alert in the combat log that draws the eye. Preferably both. And in the case of a prompt, as usual anything that interrupts gameplay should be toggleable.

I agree. Lost several machetes without even noticing. I just hate it when it says “You hit the zombie for 50 damage!”, and then it goes “You hit the zombie for 2 damage!”

I agree, a prompt would be excellent as I have often gotten carried away chopping up zeds myself and lost track of my weapon…

The game does tell you when you lose your weapon, but it doesn’t do anything special other than print some text along the lines of “your katana gets stuck in the zombie” in normal colored font, so it’s easy to miss in the heat of battle.

agreed. i’ve lost a lot of ‘high level’ characters from not noticing i’ve lost an axe or katana and continuing to try and pulp a crowd of zombies with my bare fists, especially around schools, something about children’s heads and bladed weapons goes together like a bladed weapon and a child’s head (is that so wrong?!)

Yep, this needs to happen, I filed about a month ago, but no one has gotten around to it yet, so it won’t get forgotten at least.