Big visible warning for weapon loss

It’s currently very easy to lose a valuable melee weapon because you didn’t notice it being pulled from your hands by a zombie technician until several minutes later, by which time it’s long gone (I’ve never managed to find it again via shift-V ing).
Perhaps the message about your weapon being pulled from your hands should be bold and eyecatching so you don’t miss it?

You mean like a popup?

This is a good point. It’s also easy to lose one via your weapon sticking into your target, and you may not notice for a few turns if you’re frantically attacking and maneuvering the whole time.

An SCT message would cover it pretty well for people with it enabled I’d think

Or even just making the combat log message be in a bright colour and emphasized.

The problem with SCT is that it only displays after you stop attacking/moving.

As for combat log: it is in the red color already. It could get a background color, but it would be the first such message.

Maybe forcing safe mode on would be good here?

A message with a background would definitely be eye catching. I don’t know about forcing safe mode though, I could see that being very annoying early game when it happens relatively often.

I could see adding a message with a background for a “this is very important you should notice it” warning. Maybe stick it on a few other things as well (like the tankbot warning).

I don’t think it needs a safe mode force though.