Prompt for certain debug commands


In the debug menu, it has two options learn all martial arts and learn all recipes. When mucking about, I found it easy to accidently trigger these two options when I am trying to navigate another menu. Is it possible to add an “are you sure” prompt so that a character doesn’t learn everything unless the user intends to.

This is unrelated, but would a debug “buddha” mode be possible as well? Buddha mode usually allows the player to take damage down to a minimum of 1 HP, this way damage values can be tested without accidental death (since invincible blocks all damage and the effects thereof).

Applying a hotkey of debug menu means you are conscious about the consequences, like cheating or completely ruining the excitement. Also, there are no Y/N prompts in it, so every commands in there are launched after selection.

(sorry if I’m nearly off-topic)

Also, as someone who tests with the debug menu an awful lot, a Y/N prompt on things would drive me absolutely bat shit insane.


It would be good at least if it could be an option that could be toggled or set, since I can see other people’s frustration with it always on.

We do not accept feature requests for the debug menu.