Probably really boring zombie ideas

I’m bored and i don’t know what to do so i thought of some boring zombie ideas/

zombie toddlers: as if a normal toddler wasn’t bad enough, this one wants to bite your finger off.

short zombie: the cataclysm spares no one, not even the people under 5’4

zombie hag: ew, a tall shambling corpse with razor sharp teeth and toenails.

wheelchair wailer: a screaming zombie stuck on a wheelchair, it cannot move.

I read zombie hag and immediately thought zombie grandma

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Wheel chair zom should be fairly rare. But also can it sport some neat items by default:
-a pistol with a spare clip of bullets(ex-military?)
-Oxygen tank, because elderly people sometimes have these on back of chair.

Toddlers may not have teeth and should give a debuff for killing like the other kids? They may not bite but could slow you by grabbing your ankles.

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If someone adds a wheelchair zombie they should add an old folks home as a location that can spawn in towns.

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I actually think of the zombie children as toddlers. I don’t know if that was what’s intended. But I hear ‘Snot Gobbler’ and assume it’s a three year old.

I made a zombie fetus in one of my mods before realizing how pointless it was. It just lays there.

The only other idea I have for zombies is to split all zombies into ♂ and ♀ variants, so you know at a glance whether the thing is male or female. I don’t think anyone cares about that except for roleplayers and possibly youtubers.

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The Cata-MSX-DeadPeopleTileset has male and female variants of several types of zombies.

I freaking want that.

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how do i install this tileset?

Unzip, open the folder, place the MSX folder into the gfx folder in CDDA.