Pro Camera v. Regular Camera

What’s the difference? Just the average quality of the image (and yes I know it doesn’t do anything, but I want exceptional looking monsters)? Also, why does the “your camera has the wrong focus” message appear more often when targeting certain monsters? It might make sense against supernatural creatures, but right now I’m 5 tiles away from a nursebot with no barriers and full lighting, yet I’ve taken 100+ pictures with no luck.

Camera pro only increases quality.

Sad day :frowning: completing my pokedex like this will be literal hell on earth

I love how you’re more concerned about shooting perfect photos of a nurse bot than you are about shooting the Zombies out there with a gun.

“It’s the apocalypse, we need to prioritize to survive here: First thing… which camera works best to capture these monstrosities? They are all out of focus? Damn, that really ruins my day.”

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More than anything else, losing interest through boredom kills most of my playthroughs that last past day 1. Gotta do something to pass the time, and making an A to Z for all things zombie sounds pretty good for fun times

Now since the achivement tab is going, someone should search for the forgotten milestones and add them to it, i remember one of them being taking the photos from all the mobs at perfect quality while naked i believe (meaning you had to be around 1 square from the mob all unprotected)