Pro Camera v. Regular Camera

What’s the difference? Just the average quality of the image (and yes I know it doesn’t do anything, but I want exceptional looking monsters)? Also, why does the “your camera has the wrong focus” message appear more often when targeting certain monsters? It might make sense against supernatural creatures, but right now I’m 5 tiles away from a nursebot with no barriers and full lighting, yet I’ve taken 100+ pictures with no luck.

Camera pro only increases quality.

Sad day :frowning: completing my pokedex like this will be literal hell on earth

I love how you’re more concerned about shooting perfect photos of a nurse bot than you are about shooting the Zombies out there with a gun.

“It’s the apocalypse, we need to prioritize to survive here: First thing… which camera works best to capture these monstrosities? They are all out of focus? Damn, that really ruins my day.”


More than anything else, losing interest through boredom kills most of my playthroughs that last past day 1. Gotta do something to pass the time, and making an A to Z for all things zombie sounds pretty good for fun times

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Now since the achivement tab is going, someone should search for the forgotten milestones and add them to it, i remember one of them being taking the photos from all the mobs at perfect quality while naked i believe (meaning you had to be around 1 square from the mob all unprotected)


Why can’t we get a 6x6 or something excerpt? I’d love to be able to take a “picture” of a vehicle/building somewhere on the map, and then be able to review the picture later on. And by review I don’t mean read the shallow description like it is now, but to be able to wield the camera, press [;] and then scroll to where the picture was taken. And the area there would then be shown as if I was physically there. Or if the picture would present a snapshot of a map (where I could then navigate as with [;]). Even better if I could [e]xamine any vehicles there (to see what tools/skill one needs to manipulate parts on them).

We can’t do that because no one has coded it up.
And I’m not sure it would made it in. It’s weird enough to be able to see if the engines faulty or the battery destroyed from a few meters out, but it’s even weirder to be capable to do this from a photography.

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Perhaps a note-taking approach, then? Paper + 1 permanent marker charge and 15s per tile to write down a list of what is there.

I agree that being able to see detailed status from a few meters is broken, but w/e :slight_smile:

This would be quite reasonable, and there’s already a feature request about that;

I usually add manual notes for cars I come across. Even if I don’t need them, it’s habit now. Usually just

Wheels + Battery + Fuel filter

or whatever it needs to be in drivable condition.

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how about… new item, rare drop in labs: ‘orbital camera’, the device is just a screen with controls on it, but what it does is allow you to take a picture of yourself and the surrounding area tile-wise, using satellites, which would allow you to look back in the camera to refresh your characters ‘memory’ of the surroundings, making it easier for you to re-explore places you’ve been. then you could mark the specific location on your map with markers and text, as well as refresh your memory of the area so its not all fog of war

I like the idea, but orbital imagery would be problematic. Without power to run the facilities on earth or people to run them, a satelite’s orbit would degrade and there wouldn’t be a computer or person to give course correction info to get it back into the right place. So it could drift off course or even lose altitude until it begins to enter the atmosphere & burn up or crash back to the ground.

Could be a good source for uranium in game though. I doubt any solar panels it might have would survive re-entry or impact though.

but you forget: the cataclysm we play starts pretty much as the disaster is happening, meaning its been mabye days, mabye hours seince the world went to fuck… meaning the satellites havent had time to drop out of the sky yet and probably wont for a few years.

A series of satellite collisions could cascade into mass failure of most or all satellites (the Kessler effect), but that would not be an automatic result of the cataclysm.

True enough, though over the course of a season or multiple seasons as many characters experience in game, those course corrections aren’t being made.

A degree here, a few seconds there all add up to alter the satellite trajectory. Maybe it won’t ever crash to earth. Maybe it’ll float around up there for eons, but any imagery you’d get from it would be less and less accurate.

you could just code that as a time check and lowered radius per year.

there could also be multiple satellites attached to the same network, so if one failed another could still do the job. i dunno. just ideas.

Would be interesting to have events like satellites falling and crashing in zones. If intact could contain valuable lore.

They’d burn up during reentry. The LEO ones at least are designed to do that. The higher orbit ones would take hundreds of years to deorbit.

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