Ability to make auto-reports on desolate vehicles

You just found a vehicle far from your home which you’ve taken interest in repairing. You head back home for equipment and forgot what to take with you to the damaged vehicle.

say if you have some writing-equipment with you and some papers and press (e)xamine, you should be able to write down reports about the desolated vehicle which needs reperations. If you (e)xamine the paper you took with you home, you will get a full overview of the vehicle.

You can examine the vehicle and write what you need for repairs manually.

It’s also possible to [a]ctivate a knife (or other item with cutting 1+) and a random object to Write on an item.

But from my understanding Arne_Holmen wants a way to basically examining the car from a distance without having to write down everything.
(Screenshots would also work, although that’s not a “way in the game” to note down stuff…)

Another approach to this using the game’s existing mechanics would be to “give yourself a quest” and type out the missing components or tools needed for a specific spot. I’m not sure if the vehicle itself could be the quest target, but at the very least that game location could be marked, and the vehicle name would match.

The way I’ve done it is to place a Note marker on every vehicle I think might be of interest and try to note down which replacement parts I need to repair it (and if there’s a need for gas/diesel). If I can’t examine it in detail because there is zombie activity in the area I note that it hasn’t been examined in detail (needs to be done to determine what’s needed to repair an engine).
My convention is to use pink (as it’s a color that stands out) and then the first letter of the vehicle’s name, but do whatever works for you.

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… honestly I just carry around everything i need to dismantle a car on the spot~

but then you also need a suitably large vehicle to pick up the scrap, so yeah.

Dismantling a vehicle takes a fair bit of time. I’ve found it more time efficient to repair it up to a state where it can be driven (or towed, with Experimental) and have my companions pick it apart at the base camp.
I’ve been able to bring in about 3 vehicles in a day, assuming zombies have been cleared out earlier.