How do cameras work now?

Anyone know how taking photos works now? Its not the most loved feature in the game but I find it great for roleplay. It seem to be a lot more complicated now then just point and click.

I’ve not really messed around with it too much but I do know the closer you are the better the photo and you can access the photos you’ve taken to get the description of the monster.

Being closer doesn’t always work. Sometimes it actually is inferior due to ‘focus’ and sometimes you even take a selfie with a monster now. Its quite perplexing.

Hmm… it’s changed since I last tried it then. I might have to have another play around, I’ve wanted to do a challenge where I photo every monster in the game for a while but I’m not sure I can be bothered if I have to get my character to pose and crap.

At least you can now document how ones character or even NPCs change over the cataclysm now. I like this feature. It records your clothes and visual mutations as well now for selfies.

That sounds pretty fun, I’ll definitely give it another look at least.

Wait what?, o tested it like a week ago and the only change i found is that it nows give a better detail of the background and the items you are wearing

Great! Now we just need note pads and pencils, and we can start really documenting the cataclysm for future generations!

(If there are going to BE any future generations after the cataclysm that is…)

I am guilty of writing notes and leaving them around.

Pretty sure someone added a note functionality to pieces of paper.

ohh thats neat, i thought one could only put notes on items, not actually a notepad

Even so, you can always just use a single piece of paper and write stuff on that.