Prevent loot from going into armor


I like to drop my backpack(s) before getting my hands dirty, but now that i have armor with pockets I can’t prevent the loot from going into my armor pockets instead of just backpack(witch beats the purpose of being lighter for combat).

While I only had survivor armor I was just doing “Inventory” - choose armor “Unload”. And the loot went into my backpack(s), still tedious because i had to remember to do it each time before engagement with Hostile. But now I have 2 armors that take loot, and it became exponentially harder to get rid of it. “Inventory” “Unload armor1” “drop armor 1” “Unload armor 2” “drop backpack” “wear armor 1”… Anybody got a solution for me ? like forbid my char to put loot into his armors ?

Theoretically Favorite pockets feature should help you (with its whitelist and blacklist for container pockets), but I’m not sure is it works now (I remember there were complaints, but can’t find topic or github issue)

I really tried but my only option is to blacklist every item of CDDA 1 by 1 manually. or maybe i’m doing it wrong.

Unless some recent update broke it, here’s what you can do to fill up your backpack first:

  • Open your [i]nventory, select your backpack and hit enter, choose [v] pocket autopickup settings, edit the [p]riority and set it to some high number (10 for example). If it has multiple pockets, move the selection with the up & down arrow keys and set the priority for all of them.
  • You can also do it the other way around; open your inventory, select your armor, go into the pocket autopickup settings and add in a negative priority value (like -10) so your picked up items will move in to it only if there’s no other pockets that could hold them.

However, if you wish to prevent any and all items to go into your armor (unless you specifically tell it to move in there, by selecting the armor and [i]nsert into it), you can do it like this:

  • Open your [i]nventory, select your armor and hit enter, choose [v] pocket autopickup settings, make sure the current modus is set to whitelist by pressing [w], then try to add an [i]tem to the list and choose “none” (or really any item that doesn’t fit into the pocket, like the armor itself).
    • Do this with all pockets on all your armor.

Thanks alot ! seems to work well.

I was doing it the other way around putting priority 100 on armor and 1 on bag…

Anyone still working on this? Maybe the pockets of holsters and armor should be a default “none”? Since this has been a problem for many people for months.

Last time I tested I had hotdogs in my holster and I couldn’t put my gun away. I mean. I laughed. But it wasn’t so funny after I got eaten because I couldn’t swap a weapon with my pockets full up and my only option was to drop my gun.

poke the holster, whitelist your gun, bam. only your gun can go into it.

Didn’t need that as a solution mate. I was suggesting a default toggle for every such item. But thanks. I’m sure you meant well =D

i mean, the default is that its a bag that can contain something just like everything else, its your characters potato brain that thinks ‘oh hey its a good idea to shove this hotdog in the holster’

… but the whitelist you put in there so that when he goes to do it he stops and goes ‘wait thats for my gun’ and puts it in the backpack instead.

I dunno how else to interpret this information.

do you mean you want a default that guns always go into holsters and hotdogs always go into pants pockets? cause y’can do that too with priorities… but… you do have to set it up so i guess its a bit tedious? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Toggle all armor(actual armor, not blue jeans) and holsters(for guns/sheaths for blades, quivers for bolt/arrows) to only store the logical items they should carry as was intended.

^^ this as a toggle option; set as a default, to prevent player actor from stuffing a slice of pizza in a bullet proof vest or a hotdog in a gun holster. I am aware of whitelisting. That wasn’t the point. The point is a default to prevent the random junk going into such containers in the first place. So players don’t require programming this every time.

Quality of life toggle.

I’d agree with all of that except maybe the word “toggle.” If the player sets his own rules it should override the basic logic without him having to switch anything off.

So I whitelist every pocket of my AEP suit with “AEP suit”, it works to some extent, it doesn’t put anything in it as long as I have space in my backpack, already much better than before.
But when I drop the backpack it still puts stuff in it. for exemple will fighting i always drop the backpack and when smoker zombie comes and covers enemie line of sight, I start picking up small stuff like casings. Very annoying :(.

if you attempt to pick things up and it has literally no other option but to put it in your aep suit, then it will do so, because it doesn’t have anywhere else to put it, even though you’re telling it to pick things up.

the alternative would be you walk around and every 5 seconds it’d give you a message saying ‘you cant pick that up!’

Or it could just act like it doesn’t have anywhere to put it (when your inventory is full) and silently leave it on the ground, that’s what I was expecting it to do

Is this still a thing in latest experimentals?

Anyone have my argument on the “To Do List”? Just curious. It could be a simple addition of a tag to holsters/sheaths/quivers by default to not put random junk into these containers unless specifically ordered to do so by command move.

Also, player whitelisting is not acceptable as a solution. It still would not be done in reality and it is not permanent. Just because the game allows for hair brained behaviors, doesn’t make it something people would really do. When I take a sh!t, I don’t shove random objects up my back side because it is empty. Same logic with the intent of holsters/sheaths/quivers. Should only hold intended objects(unless player directs specific objects on purpose to them).

Usually from what i’ve seen it automatically just dumps stuff in the first thing it sees however if you want to seperate stuff you can using the “insert” function on the stuff you’re carrying to transfer it, instead of unload
Otherwise you can try dropping the stuff you don’t want to load.

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Was curious if this was ever intended to be corrected. But at least I don’t have to load up a different OS to find out that it is still in the game. Thanks for the information.

How would that be different to what it is just now?

Why not? I do use my armor in game to store and transport objects regularly, and soldiers in real life did and do that too.

Why should the game prevent that function by default and not based on player settings?

(this is assuming this has not been changed to correct picking up items and filling gun holsters, knife sheaths and bow quivers. Any gun/knife/arrow/bolt container)

As amusing as it is for placing random items into a holster. It has gotten me killed before in game, when my player character is surrounded and I need to swap guns. But cannot because the holster was used by random items I picked up. The items get dumped into a container that should not by default hold anything the player picks up because it not a container anyone would actually place items into normally. Specifically moving an item to that type of container is fine. But not for pickups unless the player intends to do so.

Whitelisting as I understand it is, doesn’t last as a permanent solution for every different game and every container as I describe. Plus it is really annoying to have to tell the game not to place random picked up junk into a specific container, that was never intended to logically be used as such. Hotdogs as my goto example. It is funny…but really stupid. Nobody would do this. You do not know any soldiers that would think it were an intelligent idea to stuff a slice of pizza or a hotdog in that gun holster. It just wouldn’t happen. Armor? Of course, no debate. I agree with you an armor container should hold everything as space allows. But not a holster, unless a specific item move.

I mainly wanted to know about holsters and sheaths and quivers. I’m not using a OS that I can test the latest game experimental. Feel free to inform me if this has been corrected or remains the same. I have not been able to play the game much.

The base question was about armor, and my answer about whitelisting was addressed towards armor as well.

As for sheaths and quivers; they are weapon specific as far as I can tell. The 4 quivers in the base game can only hold arrows or bolts, and the 4 sheaths have a “Item must fit into a sheath” restriction.

As for holsters, some do have restrictions, others don’t, so I’m not sure. While I don’t have a hotdog to test it with, my character’s holster did not accept a lighter or can opener in my test.