Pressure Cooker = stuff of legends?


I’m pretty new to the game, but old enough to have died many many times :slight_smile: Now on my first “long run” as a wayfarer magiclyst, am nearly one year through. Mastered tons of spells, gone into mutations, etc. etc. Yet, despite being able to find orichalcum, CBMs, craft legendary weapons, explore and conquer scary caves, ONE thing still eludes me : the fabled “Pressure Cooker”!!! I would have thought this basic piece of cooking equipment would be rather usual to find in kitchens (or in dumps, etc.). Yet, after 2 megacities cleaning, labs exploration, dumpyards and malls scavenging, still no luck!

Am I just abysmally out of luck, or is this pretty usual item loot rate completely broken?

Edit: After browsing through the files, shouldn’t “pressure cooker” at least be present in /itemgroups/SUS/domestic.json in the SUS_cookware itemgroup?

I’ve found them in Science Labs - the procedurally generated ones, the old style labs - in areas that have a kitchen and a bedroom (specifically in “living quarters” areas).

I don’t remember if I ever found one in a house, but you can still find them at least in Recycling Centers, Malls and Mansions. Those are places I am sure I have found them in before.

In what amount? I mean, I scavenged recycling centers, malls and a mansion (no luck yet finding an old style lab)… D’you agree those are still “stuff of legends”, being as rare as the most seeked treasures?

Not really no. I think you are just being unlucky with the spawns.

I currently am having issues with Microwaves: searched a very large city, cleared an entire “house” section of the map (which has a huge row of nothing but houses and cul-de-sacs, away from the commercial district, literally no house had any. The only 5 I found were split between 2 Electronics Shops near the City’s nameplate. Although a few weeks ago, I was seeing them by the truckload.

Mapgen is gonna map gen, happens frequently :slight_smile:

Ok, I hope it’s true, although it feels really statisticaly hard to believe. My map is really pretty huge and I explored houses/malls/junkyards etc. by hundreds. Not a single Pressure Cooker (but quite alot of Microwaves :smiley: )
Plus the fact that Pressure Cooker is NOT included in the cooking stuff json in SUS still makes me believe there is an issue here.

Well… As Mjölnir, Laevateinn, etc. are already in my possession, I will carry on the hunt for the reaaaaal secret treasure : the fabled holy Pressure Cooker.

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Junkyards are for car parts. You want the literally named “Recycling Centers”.

However, I created a test world just to make sure I am neither being erroneous nor am gaslighting you and I think you may be onto something here:

I Created a world with max item spawn.
Searched 20 houses: 0 Pressure Cookers. (Including basements).
Searched 2 mansions: 0 pressure cookers. (Including basements).
Searched 1 Recycling Center (the only one the game has given me after revealing map): Grand total of 9 Pressure Cookers.

This is highlighting 2 problems:

  • Recycling Centers spawns are super low. What has changed here? Was this a stealth change? 1 entire square of Recycling center in a 180-by-180 range map? C’mon, this is silly.

  • MAX Spawn Rate only yielding 9 pressure cookers in a total of 14 potential spots in a recycling center, and not even in a mansion?

Something’s definitely broken.

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Thanks for the clarification.
And I DID explore proper “recycle centers” (luckily, have 2 near my main base) : no Pressure Grail at all… So, yeah, something smells bad.