Preset cookie cutter difficulty's ie easy options

When I first started playing this game along time ago because my friend showed me it and said how great it was I actually stopped playing it even tho I loved games of this type. The main reason I stopped playing was the difficulty of the game and the over whelming amount of controls and options.

Year later after my first nibble of c:dda I came back sat down and learned the options. I learned how to change the difficulty of the game and gear it to my liking to create a learning environment for myself and that is how I started to love the games complexity learn over time by adding stuff adding more content and in turn more difficulty.

It doesn’t have to be complex or lots of choices but id like there to be difficulty presets on the side of the personal options ie custom settings. What they could look like:

1: Easy/classic zombies: slightly slower classic zombies maybe a slightly higher drop rate no npcs or if there was npcs no chance that they blow your head off, no nutrition, no filthy clothing basically the game for new people will be challenging but not over whelming they can learn mistakes learn new things well having a enjoyable gaming experience.

  1. medium/classic zombies but with base setting including base speed enemies, normal drop rates nutrition, filthy clothing, npcs/quests to introduce new ways of playing the game.

  2. normal/ all base zombies with all features and base settings for speed item spawn etc

4.Hard/ base zombies but faster lower drop rates etc.

  1. custom ie create your own settings add mods etc.

I think this change is simple and would help new people understand the game and a make the game a more enjoyable experience from start to finish. Also I am sorry if this was brought up before please don’t beat me x(

I think this would be a good idea, when i first downloaded the game I died 20 times in about 40 days. After that i started paying more attention to what the number mean and was able to survive for about 10 days with that character.

Another thing that would be helpful in a screen shot that explains what the numbers are and what they do. I know the information is in the Esc menu but some of the numbers are not as clear for new players.
(and most people don’t spend 2:30 hr looking at the settings before ever playing the game like my brother did when i showed him DDA)

An “Easy Preset” would drastically reduce the learning curve. Usually the types of people who play roguelikes enjoy ridiculous learning curves (at least I do), but for people unfamiliar with roguelikes an easy to understand “Easy” difficulty would be helpful.