Well I figure we could list methods for preserving food here as they seem to be getting into that now.
Salt of course.
Canning (storing in a sealing container while hot)

Could you preserve food in alcohol?

I started reading this:

Alchohol preservation could work, though it’s typically used for fruit. That or preserving samples for research purposes.

I’ve had some damn good cherries that were preserved in rum. Recipes I’ve seen for them still involve getting the booze warm, not sure if that’s serving a necessary functional role or simply to dissolve the sugar also involved in the recipe. God they were good on ice cream.

I’m so hungry right now. Stop talking about rum cherries.

Go get some food you spaz! XD Then come back and list any preservy ideas you have while cookin’ it up! Win-win.

It’s the future, right?

How about a genetically engineered predator virus? Something that infects food and kills all micro-organisms attempting to feed there. Thus making the food unrottable. That or radiation preserving.

Appreciate it, but we have a relatively complete list of preserving methods already, it’s just a matter of implementing them. For example we need a system for tracking a cooking or other crafting process over time for smoking and such. There are also some other recipes that are being held up by this.

Yaaaay! Smokey food is my favourite.

You COULD throw in a mechanism for depleting foods of their h2o…
In practice - it relieves a considerable amount of carbons, but who cares in 0.8…