Precision Purification

So I like to select robust genetics and play “mutation roulette,” mutating myself and then purifying myself if I don’t like the results. But of course the more good mutations you accumulate the greater the chance of purification wiping out the beneficial ones along with the bad ones.

While there’s nothing wrong with this in terms of balance I think it would be cool, as a late, late, late game feature, when you’re already invincible from bionics/plutonium weapons/powered armor anyway, to have some means of culling the mutations you want to with precision, or at least SOME precision.

There’s a lot of ways this could be coded, but the idea that springs to my mind is some kind of arcane genetic splicer, perhaps found in a lab basement or an even more rare and exotic location. It would require hyper levels of intelligence/first aid/computer skills to use at all and would even then carry high degrees of risk. Misuse could blast you with huge doses of radiation/fry bionics/cripple you, or summon hoards of aberrations attracted by your cosmic meddling. It would also require plutonium and purifier with each use to keep it from being spammed. If you successfully utilize the machine, you could chose which mutation to purify, with difficultly perhaps also being based on how severe the mutation is and how many benefiical mutations you’ve already given yourself.

But it could take any form really, I just think it would be cool to have some way to do this.