Praise sub-forum

My katana-wielding female lawyer bad-ass (no points for guessing her name) just Musashied her way through a sewer tunnel filled with irradiated wanderers, then emerged at a shopping mall and left wall to wall carnage. The entire floor was literally awash with blood. While I stood on a table in the food court fighting for my life, I stuck this song on autoplay and lost myself in the game completely. I blinked and three hours had passed.

I wanted to come here and give an “attaboy” to whomever designed the shopping mall and the sewer tunnels under a pawn shop basement filled with radioactive wanderers, but had no idea where to put it so the appropriate people would see it. Given the amount of butthurt and drama frequently seen around here, my suggestion is a subforum exclusively for praise, thanks, approval, and attaboys. I don’t make any secret about the parts of the game I think stink on ice (tank drone, I’m looking at you), but I think there should be equal opportunities to give people feedback about elements they’ve worked on which are particularly effective. And by collecting them in one place, you’d also get an idea of which stuff people are totally grokking, which will help in developing the game. I think it would also make people more excited to produce content when they can get direct and immediate positive feedback from people who enjoyed it.

Acidia’s only around in the summer, so far as I can tell, but yeah xe does some bloody fine work.

And yeah, I know, nobody likes the tank drone. Whether they liked being bored and immortal less than the tank drone is another question.