Practical Applications of Zombies


It’s more fun if you start with an initial killcount of 1 AND it’s a zombie candle, and that’s great.

Guidance method is cool, but at that point just find a drone, stick a pheromone ball on it. Why do you need a zombie involved?


Are there drones in game? I haven’t found one or seen a recipe for one.

This would be a way of making a “drone” from easily found materials. Designing/building an actual drone, like a quadcopter or something from scratch isn’t easy AT ALL. This would be a (relatively) low tech and expendable alternative to a valuable high tech device.


Ehhh I suppose. Drones are common enough IRL that I’d think finding one would be pretty easy, if they were added to the game. Personally I’d prefer to just find one, but I guess if you have all the parts for a drone and would prefer it was stinking, rotting and tried to bite you, be my guest.


Oh believe me, if I could find drones all over the place, my preference would be to use them rather than a zombie. But if you can’t find any, or don’t want to sacrifice your drone as a cruise missile, this would be the way to go.


Seems like putting all the parts from a drone except props and a few less electric motors, but I guess that’s still something.


I was thinking (50) battery (1) MP3 player, (1) superglue, and (4) scrap electronics (2x relay switches, 2x reciever circuits) for the basic camera-less version. Relay switches can be wired to the MP3 player’s battery.


Well yeah, but that’s only vaguely controllable, and you can only control it so far as you can see it. Without a camera or anything you might as well just throw the explosive.


I’d use the dot on the map to guide it to targets that are offscreen, but still in sight and out of throwing range. Like say a horde attracted to a distraction device, but that you are out of detection range of.


Dot on the map? Huh? Not sure what you’re referring to.

If you got the distraction device there, why didn’t you set up a bomb as well?


The local map. Its on the right side of the screen. All entities in sight show up as dots on it. Dangerous ones are red or something, neutral ones are grey. Just watch the grey dot.

Because I forgot to plant it? That’s a reasonable point. Camera would probably be important.


Oh, I kind of forgot we were still talking in game terms. Yes, I suppose you could use that, but realistically speaking you would have no idea where it was once out of sight.

You managed to set up and plant a distraction device without the bomb for which it was planted AND happened to have a “disarmed” zombie and a set of equipment for turning it into a drone just lying around in your back pocket?
I don’t disagree that it would be a neat toy to mess around with. But practically speaking I don’t know if it’s that effective.


Yeah, you’ve convinced me, the use of suicide bomb zombies is not very useful.

But what about having your own remote controlled ZOMBIE HULK? It would make an excellent siege weapon or distraction if you could properly restrain it for storage. Release one inside an anthill or at a bandit camp and let the party begin.


Okay, yep, yep, now we’re talking. Weapons, armor, utilities, hell stick some solar panels and a laser turret on it’s back. Walking tank with remote control? Yes please.



Actually if you look at the necromancy MOD you can control the blob with electric impulses and therefore could likely hook a whole lot of them up and have a matrix like power generation system just using the blob as a potato battery kinda(this is based on the same idea of controlling cockroaches with electricity since they think and act via electric impulses)


It is true that most forms of zombie blatantly break various thermodynamic laws, and could thus be used to generate infinite power.


Dont need a distraction device on a self destruct zombie. Just have it walk into town and punch a car - every zombie in a block radius will be there pronto. Camera might be needed, but a nearby window curtain vantage point will usually do.


You could make a zombie swat team especially since some have shown the ability to use some tools like the zombie grenadier and zombie scientist. You could possibly attach a gun to them and have them use it so they could fire apon your enemies and shut them down with electric shocks to the things via the blob as it has electric weaknesses as you can raise zombies up too with necromancy.


I use zombies as car shredders whenever I need extra scrap metal…



Well, they aren’t really breaking thermodynamics. The blob inside them is shunting in mass and energy from other dimensions to fuel or repair them.