Power armor types

Commercial Power Armor
"Impress your friends! Astound your enemies!"
Cheap, low-powered armor made from sheet metal and magnetic amplifiers. Will probably allow you to survive getting sneezed on. Eats batteries like candy.
3 Enc, 15 BP, 5 CP, 0 EP, 30 Warmth.
Powered: -3 enc, +1 Str, +1 Dex

Industrial Power Armor
"For a hard-working man."
Steel tension cables, a spooling device, reinforced steel frame, and an engine give a substantial amount of strength for construction or emergency personnel. Kind of clumsy and enormous.
10 Enc, 30 BP, 40 CP, 50 EP, 80 Wa.
Powered: -7 Enc, +5 Str.
Alternatively, if programmable: Actually a small vehicle with high durability with a lift/grab/throw that renders you unable to shoot.

A replacement to milispec armors you sometimes find in various spots.

I have another idea, how about integrating bionics/traits/mutations into armor? With the power armor interface bionic, you could bring out its full potential.

For example:

Resource Integration Gear
An integrated health management and strength augmentation system that assist users in previously impossible and dangerous environments. Many variations exist, each designed for specific working environments.
Built-in components:
Self-Aware (Trait)
Internal Storage
Cranial Flashlight

  • Strength
    Increased Module Capacity

Hazardous Environment Suit
"A full body hazardous material suit designed to protect its user from from heat, poison, energy discharges, and blunt-force trauma during the handling of hazardous materials.
Built in components:
Cranial Flashlight
Internal Climate Control
Thermal Dissipation
Air Filtration System

Prototype Power Suit:
A combat suit designed with the most cutting edge technology available. While it’s primary purpose is combat; the suit is modular in nature, allowing for modifications and enhancements. However, there have been problems creating a power system small-yet-powerful enough to power this suit.
Built-in Components:
Parkour (Trait)
Implanted Night Vision
Fusion Blaster Arm
Targeting System

  • Stats
    Increased Power Usage

I want a fusion reactor to attach/activate to power this. Just dump water in your pocket reactor and get power.

Mobility Assistance Gear
A lightweight, orthopedic exoskeleton.
Very rare, mainly found in hospitals. Encumbering but can be worn with regular clothing for a small boost to strength.