Power Armor and other scientific stuff

While searching what’s new I encountered Power Armor in Military bunker
As I already had UPS i activated it and so activated power armor. In 1-2 hours my character began heating up, so there’s a suggestion: How about add different types of power armor, like
Exo-Suit: low protection, but can be covered by clothing, when UPS is activated you move faster.
Light Power Armor: low to medium protection,can’t be covered,while UPS active move slightly faster.
(Basic) Power Armor: same as before, but lower encumbrance.
Advanced Power Armor: High protection, sme stats as corrent power armor.
All power armor haven’t any warmth, but can be covered with additional layer of fiber/fur.
Camouflage cover: Add ~25-35 warmth to all parts, no additional encumbrance.
Ragged cover: Add ~10-20 warmth to all parts, no encumbrance.
Winter cover: Add~40-60 warmth to all parts, +1 encumbrance.
Arctic Equipment: Add ~85 warmth to all parts, +2 encumbrance.
Also add some weapons, both energy and ballistic.
Heavy machine gun: High caliber machine gun with quite slow fire rate, high recoil, low accuracy, very high damage and range,can be used in inactive power armor, uses 12.7mm (.50cal) ammo. ~100 mag capacity.
Heavy sniper rifle: High caliber sniper rifle, very high recoil, also quite high accuracy, damage and range.~5-10 magazine capacity. Can be used in inactive power armor.
Pulse rifle: Similar to fusion gun, but with higher mag capacity and slightly lower damage. In order to use you must activate power armor.
Ion cannon: Uses plutonium charges.Area damage, will ignite some objects, quite high accuracy and damage,no recoil. Must be in activated power armor in order to use.

Any other ideas ?