Post-Apocalyptic Stardew Valley

Every time I play StarDew valley, I start thinking about Catacalsym DDA, and vice versa. Any thoughts / ideas on how to improve your post-apocalyptic farm?

One thing I’d like to be able to do is to grab/drag animals. Also may make them not so afraid of me. Would be nice to be able to transport large animals in my vehicle as well, that way I can raid the dairy farms and be a cow hustler.

Anyone else?

After @Alec_White made cows milkable he was working on transporting animals, I think he was making a pet carrier type thing (an animal box I think) but for large animals I can’t find the thread, he was also working on egg laying for chickens:

I don’t think about Stardew Valley. But I do think about Harvest Moon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never tried farming. On my two longest characters, one worked by raiding, the other worked by raiding until he mutated carnivore. Now I can’t feed myself fast enough, and I’m hesitant to use purifier to remove Carnivore because I still need Apex Predator.

On reddit, someone put forth the idea of putting a plow on a Deathmobile to allow for easier harvesting. Take that and do what you will.

@AlecWhite made SO MUCH good stuff for this game, especially for making it Catadew Valley. Look at his forks:

I gotta say the diary farm mod sounds entertaining. I don’t know how that’s supposed to turn a profit, but I would hope that they at least treat their 12 year old girls humanely. I wouldn’t want to think they were, like, chained to the desks or something. 'Cause that would seriously lower the quality of the product.

… What did I just read?

Just to clarify @Mantar 's comment, some of the “milking” mods are… really strange and will not be appearing in the main game.

Right… That’s interesting. Even Cataclysm cant escape the weird mods.

@kevin.granade thank you for the explanation haha

What? No, eww. I was just making a joke on the typo. “Diary Farm mod” instead of “Dairy Farm mod.” A dairy farm produces dairy products like milk and cheese, so a diary farm must produce diaries, which I guess would sell to moe-obsessed anime fans or something? And saying that I would hope they treated them humanely 'cause the diaries wouldn’t be very good otherwise.

“Dear Diary, still chained to stupid desk. Boss lady says I need to turn out at least two diary entrys before noon or I don’t get lunch. What am I supposed to write about? This sucks.”


Animal breeding is a novel idea even Unreal World hopes to achieve some day. I would not think milking a cow or goat as being strange. I mean how the hell else do farmers get animal milk? 0_o

That aside. Can we “leash” and tame a dog already ? If so, how?

Taming a dog is done with dog food. You can then approach them with a short or long rope ( I forget which ) and attach it to them. They can also be given a pack and I think K-9 kevlar armor.

Tying them up with a rope immobilizes them though.

I don’t think discussed weirdness referred to goats, or cows. If you know what I mean.