Possible problem with translating Farenheit to Celcius?

Exactly why is 16C or sometime even 1, 2 degree more considered as dangerous as burning yourself and getting heat strokes in game? There aren’t exactly means of preventing or cooling it as far as I can tell save for dunking yourself in the river but even then, the range between 10-20 degree shouldn’t make your character hallucinate, retch and carry out load of nasty side effects. It’s weird considering that as a southeast asian, 31C or more can be considered mild yet the weather in cataclysm seems to be intense enough that you can literally DIE from being above a mere freezing 20C. Can we somehow alleviate this by adding in traits or at least up the heat-enduring capacity of characters?

What are you wearing that you get heatstroke at 20C?

And fair disclaimer, temps in the 30-range is a fair distance away from the equator. South-east asian countries like Indonesia/Phillipine/Singapore can easily reach up to 35 and more. If we apply Cata logic to real life then all of those countries would be scorching wasteland.

I’m literally naked (save for a coat of fur but you can’t shave it, I tried), all doors in my base barred open, soaking up in a mini pool, puking my guts out due to some kind of bizarro heat stroke.

Fur is REALLY warm. That’s your problem. Maybe move underground?

Maybe, but I did try to debug it away and the problem still prevail. Either way, you should not be literally dying at what I personally consider freezing temperature.

20C is room temperature for most. If you were in room temperature and wearing a fur coat I bet you’d get pretty umcomfortable pretty quick.

Not sure why removing it didn’t work, did you give it time for the heatstroke to wear off?

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I did, took a few laps in the local river too and it didn’t help