Frequent Crashing on latest experimental, related to "Empty locations for..."

With the latest experimental, but also several preceeding it, I get frequent crashes when moving around. Experimental Z-Levels are enabled, as are many of the mods included with the game, including all the location mods, just in case that’s relevant.

Debug-Log on pastebin:

Experimental z level is buggy. It can make enemies climb through roofs (up and down) and has a bunch of other problems. Location mods can have issues especially if they override each other(apartment MOD with apartment MOD 2 both add apartments and might use the same name so when it runs it it breaks due to over lapping data) like having arcana and arcana: ascension both are basically the same and so they game crashes when it tries to load it. I’d suggest disabling all non core mods then trying to run a new world if the problem persists disable everything to the default. And if all else fails remove and reinstall. Hope this helps you.

Maybe in general, but 8067 with the new map memory handling or whatever CTDs every minute or so I start in-game. Had to revert back to 8066