Possible feature to save Outfits

Hi there.

Is it possible to have a function to save the outfit that you are wearing, maybe different slots for different outfits, one button to completly undress and another function to wear the saved outfits again?..

So if you want to change your Outfit, you can do this quickly.

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One of the gameplay balance features in C:DDA is that you can’t magically flip from wearing 200 bags to wearing a full suit of bullet-proof kevlar the instant a zombie jumps out at your character. Instead garment changing has a time cost, one that requires skilled switching of individual pieces to mitigate. Currently the system is having a hard enough time managing nested containers in a reasonable manner without requiring micromanagement and without resorting to the “collective hammerspace” previous versions relied on. Your suggestion of having a “strip naked then put on saved outfit” would be an excellent compromise, as long as the appropriate time costs are calculated, but that calculation isn’t as simple as it sounds (Bug #DoWeEvenCountAnyMore: wearing beer helmet causes infinite loop of changing clothes when outfit is switched), and getting the container system fully debugged and reasonably functional is the current priority.

We want to have that feature, but it just hasn’t floated to the top of the priority list yet.


Note the risk of using it while in danger: While your character spends the next 10 turns (or whatever) a zombie shows up and keeps hitting the character. Currently when dropping multiple items, this results in a question of whether you want to continue to drop things. However, it seems you’re not only spending time dropping things, but actually being kept TRYING to do so while constantly being interrupted, so the enemy keeps hitting you for a very much longer time than you would have expected.

That said, it would certainly be convenient to have “change to outfit X” commands to be used when out of danger (and preparing to enter dangerous areas).

I would definitely appreciate a quick way to slip out of my dirty survivor clothes and into my cozy pajamas before going to sleep :sleeping_bed: