Equipment Sets

This is related to this post, but I wanted to give it a new thread.

This is in part due to hassle with taking stuff off and picking it up to do melee. I do like the multi-equip and multi-drop. id also like ‘get all’. and ‘drop all’

  1. you can have as many equipment sets that you want
  2. you can 'create an equipment set. it will be based on what you are currently wearing and equipped.
  3. you can name them or by default its 1,2,3.
  4. screen comes up with 1 tab per set , shows you what is in it and highlights missing items. also works with ‘V’ to highlight items for set on the ground
  5. can switch sets, remove sets, and drop sets. so you can quickly unequip and drop items for melee.
  6. then get all, and equipment set, to re-equip,
  7. i dont believe taking stuff off and dropping it takes a turn right now. but would not be opposed to this using up a turn or something like that.

this would radically reduce hassle factor. it is common to drop backpack and lots of stuff to melee. if you can switch from ‘melee’ to range set, with a button is good. some arm armor hurts range, but is good for melee.

Interesting idea, but seems a PitA to code. Making the Go-Bag would actually be simpler, IMO.

I might not be playing the most efficiently, but I have to say that the only times I’ve ever wanted to change outfits, I’ve been able to just dump my gear on the ground and grab my other set. I’ve never changed outfits on the fly (other than finding new gear I want to wear).

That said, equipment sets are a pretty common feature these days. It might not be very hard to have a ‘Save Worn Equipment’ button and a ‘Load Equipment Set’ button that takes you to a different screen that shows a list of equipment sets.

The game would just have to remember the IDs of items you were wearing and then make you wear any of those items that are still in your inventory.

One problem would be whether loading a set first takes everything you are already wearing off, and then adds your set, or if it just adds everything on top of what you have already.

Its not that hard to implement I think - have data structure for “equipment set” that contains id’s of wielded item and number of worn items. When “equip set” is called then just unequip and drop everything you currently have, then start scanning nearby squares for items in the equipment list and pick them up/equip automatically. If some item from the list is not there then just print “cant find my leather gloves nearby” and keep running the script. It would be upto player to keep the sets stashed at certain area. Its really more a script than a real programming structure.

Primary/Secondary expansion would be in place. After all, the initial idea was to engage zombies head on and use a (side) firearm if you’re expecting worse. I dunno if the ‘+’ menu can be expanded to list the items in the inventory, and in the vicinity so to organize them in some sort of presets, but it sounds good.
What I would like are some basic hints for both equipment and weapons - if your bodypart is unprotected (like Safe Mode, only when a hostile entity is in the vicinity) and a reminder in the lines of "The next clip of 7.62 ammo is your last…"
Also, IVAN has this great thing called “You sense great danger!” when things are about to get real messy… it’s a sane argument for the challenge rating while toe-to-toeing in town, and you can sure tackle it if you are relentless to struggle.

What do you think about, “drop all worn clothes”, and “wear all on tile”?
Then you could just arrange a set in a cabinet or something, and swap out that way.

I’m not totally against the set idea, just throwing around alternatives.

I like the “exposed bodypart” warning idea.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:6, topic:3744”]What do you think about, “drop all worn clothes”, and “wear all on tile”?
Then you could just arrange a set in a cabinet or something, and swap out that way.[/quote]

That would be minimalistic approach to it, but actually quite usable one. Basically just “Pickup with modifier to wear/wield all stuff you picked up” would take a good step. Some micromanaging needed (unequip filter masks and extra bags you dont want to wear manually but have available comes to mind) - but this “pick all and wear” sounds good.

Also modifier to (D)rop all Worn/Wielded stuff to make change quick would be good.

If items get user-written custom tags then “no autowear” tag could prevent items from being worn instantly or “no drop” makes them stick to your inventory on automatic drops. Also weapons could have “preferred” tag to make it automatically wielded even if multiple weapons are picked up.

If we go the custom tag route it’ll be some kind of toggle menu, no interest in making users learn and type out special strings to manipulate functionality.

drop all and wear all is a good idea. not as good as equipment sets. but if its easy to implement its a big upgrade.