More inventory bugs

EDIT:Oh damn Im so stupid. I forgot to post that Im using Experimental 0.E-2702-ge4d9a10 (tiles), Build 10713, x64 on Windows 10 thru the launcher.

I REALLY should make a Github account so I can make bug reports there instead of cluttering up ya’ll forum lol.
Anyways, I had an advanced electronic cigarette, and I also found me a bottle of liquid nicotine. Needing a morale boost, because of, you know, the apocalypse, I went on the screen for the e-cig and I chose the reload option, and it turned by bottle of liquid nicotine into a small plastic bottle. The advanced e-cig is showing no different. Literally the ONLY thing that happened, is that the liquid nicotine disappeared and left me with an empty small plastic bottle and an empty e-cig.

you can try to check it first, to see if its alread reported or to see what can you expect

yes please. i don’t check the forum or the reddit for bugs. idk about the other devs

Ok sorry guys, I will try my best. I will be honest though and confess that I have NO idea what Im doing with Github. I will try my best to figure it out though lol

it’s like a forum, you’ll do fine

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