Portal Storm Event in Gaiman feels Extremely Frequent

Disclaimer: from where I am from, I cannot access Google and reddit. The source of info I have about this game is limited to the chezzo wiki, the hitchhiker’s guide, occasionally github (sometimes the connection is down) and this forum.

This thread has spoilers about portal storms, so reader beware!

Compared to my experience in 0.F-3, portal storms in 0.G are MUCH more frequent. In 0.F-3, I experienced no portal storms at all from Spring day 61 to Autumn day 20. But here in 0.G, I am having a portal storm occur every other week starting from Spring and the frequency eventually increases in Summer up until twice a day! Also, one more point to note: the portal storms seem to occur specifically when I am sitting in my evac shelter base, working on some craft or construction. But when I’m exploring the world far away, not a single portal storm has struck me, though most of those times were spent in the Exodii base or the refugee center.

After spoiling the game a bit for myself, I still cannot seem to understand why these portal storms are happening around me. There are two peculiar facilities that I suspect to be related to the portal storms: an underground lab that has a vent near my base and a shimmering portal surrounded by rubble a bit farther from my base. Maybe the lab is one of those portal storm labs? I have never been in one though, so I am not sure.

Furthermore, the portal storms seem to be evolving? The first thing that I noticed was the increase in frequency. I always stay indoors and keep my doors and curtains closed. If I stay in my basement, my pc could hear squealing behind the walls. In the next stage, my pc starts to hear some “voice” talking to him, that voice is trying to lure my pc to leave the shelter and go outside. Up to this point things seem fine as long as I stay inside, nothing too crazy. But from the third stage onwards, things start getting worse. My pc starts to see this new thing called a “person”? It’s just a person? Or maybe not? It can be seen and see regardless of obstacles? The voice that was speaking to my pc is slowly getting more aggressive, occasionally saying strange runic symbols, and once it even turned a bright day into night! I checked my watch, it’s 8AM during summer, yet it’s pitch dark outside. There are also “memories” outside? Random screaming and sentences are being heard.

To me, the whole portal storm event just feels like a forced curfew on survivors. The wiki told me that by braving the strange dungeon I could be rewarded, but the reward honestly does no entice me enough into risking my pc’s life at all.

I’ll probably have to shut off portal storms in my game. I understand that they are there to match the setting of the game, but goddamn it’s annoying. It’s not like I am an Exodii or Hub-01 researcher that can send out robots to work for me, I have to venture outside myself in order to secure resources.

I did find a link to reddit that’s supposed to teach me how to shut off portal storms, but as I said, I cannot access reddit at all. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.[/spoiler]

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Head to data/json/portal_storm_effect_on_condition.json and open it with your text editor of choice;

Look for the json definition with the ID EOC_PORTAL_STORM_WARN_OR_CAUSE_RECURRING;

Delete the whole def, including the brackets around it.
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