Portal storm question thread

I don’t find one so I made one. This thread is only for question and answer about what’s currently in game, not for discussion about balance.

  1. Does monster spawn when @ is inside? From what I read on the forum and github, they don’t. However, they spawned when my @ was inside a building of an apple orchard. There is no NPC around.

  2. Is @ completely safe when they’re inside? Are they only safe from direct physical damage, or any kind of effect?

  3. What is “inside”? Does it require a roof, or enclosed wall?

  4. If monsters spawn, and @ goes inside, will monsters follow in?

I was inside a house and an absense spawned and dropped all my inventory. How do I prevent this?

Edit: Nobody replies the first post in 4 days. Do people all mod portal storm out?

Last i played with Portal Storms:

  • doors would sometimes randomly open themselves because reasons™ even if I was -6 floors underground. Even on EVAC shelters I’ve seen that happen on Z-0 and monsters would indeed spawn outsde and come inside after me.

  • No, the @ isn’t “completely safe”. I’m not sure what the “harm” might be, other than the random (and honestly annoying) voices and stuff shifting around (like the player being randomly placed in some random tile or going randomly “ethereal” / non-corporeal or whatever it is they called it.

  • “Inside” requires complete coverage from what is outside. Doesn’t matter if you have fully built walls around you, you need full roof coverage. Doesn’t matter if you have full-roof coverage, you need full walls around you too. These are both requirements for one to be considered “inside”.

  • Yes, monsters will follow @ inside. Even downstairs. I’ve had an appendage follow me downstairs in a Research Facility from the main “garage” entrance towards the stairs that lead to the lab. It did not go down stairs into the lab with me, however - back then those stairs were broken, unsure how it is now.

  • Absense is something that shouldn’t be in the game, given the bias towards realism the game has (same can be said about the Portal Storms but that’s a personal preference) but I digress. You cannot prevent that other than doing the sensible thing that is “just turning off Portal Storms”.

People not replying doesn’t mean they don’t know the answers or that they don’t play with Portal Storms; based on what I’ve read, almost everyone does use and like the feature. The lack of replies might mean people are busy or didn’t see the thread for various reasons (too many active threads, dead threads being bumped because some people like necroposting, etc). It happens.

EDIT: Take my experience with a grain of salt: I’ve modded that feature off because I (personally) think it makes no sense in the setting the game takes place in, it’s anti-player and all it accomplished was to force people to play at a set pace, instead of the player choosing the pace they want to play at. It’s been months since I actually last enabled it myself and it will remain turned off for as long as my makeshift mod works.

Is it true that monster still spawns, when player is inside a vehicle or house with all windows and doors closed? From what I read on github, it is implied that no monster spawns at all, if the player is inside.

As I said, i don’t know how it is currently. Last time I watched someone playing with that feature turned on, whether they would be indoors or inside a vehicle, monsters would spawn outside. In vehicles was easy to notice that if you had direct visibility to the outside.

Now whether that was an unintended side effect or not, I don’t know. My experience is a few months out of date, hence why I said above “Last Time I Played with Portal Storms.”

if anything you may want to ask over at the subreddit too so you get your bases covered for responses.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve already turned off portal storm, following the instruction I found on the subreddit. I’ll see if that works. However, I’ll keep this thread open, as I find surprisingly little information around the internet about this feature, even about very basic questions like how monsters spawn and what “inside” is.

Yeah. It’s one of the many disadvantages of people taking things like these to Discord channels, where search engines cannot get into, as well as some things are discussed that would benefit from being open for everyone to see.