Items disappearing indoors during portal storms, walls get rearranged

I only recently started playing the latest experimental; before that, the last time I played, I played the current latest stable version. Therefore, it is the first time I am dealing with portal storms, so I would like to ask if in my case they behave the way they are supposed to.

I used the Island Prison start, managed to survive, clean the place up and prepare to escape to the mainland. I’ve already survived through several portal storms, but so far when they occurred I simply went to another part of the prison to wait them out.

However, the last time was different. The storm spawned next to the place I used as a base of operation (a cell block with a door to an inside open area) and covered it entirely. All the items I’ve been storing there immediately disappeared, as well as the internal walls and objects in the rooms and cells.

When the storm ended, this entire section of the prison got randomly rearranged: parts of rooms showed up here and there, some walls got rearranged in a way that made the entire easternmost part of the prison inaccessible. Most annoyingly, all the stuff I’ve been patiently collecting and storing disappeared without a trace. As far as I can see, all the items that were in the area of the portal storm got deleted.

Is it the way portal storma are supposed to work? As far as I understand from what I read about them, as long as I stay indoors, they are supposed to be mostly harmless (aside from occasional mosters getting through doors and windows). They are not supposed to affect indoor areas. Myself and all my stuff were very much indoors. So?..

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No that is a bug. Portal storms should not make any permanent changes to things. If you happen to still have the save from before and or after that might be useful, if you’d like to post a bug report on the github.