Poison use vs zombies

I agree, I did mention them being used to deliver poison. What we really need is a solid answer on whether or not general poisons affect zombies. Even then, would we be able to find/manufacture a chemical that IS poisonous to zombie type enemies. Same for nether enemies too, for that matter.

One way I could see this working is that most or all enemies have a substance which deals extra damage to them when applied to a cutting/piercing weapon (most animals would be affected by most poisons, triffids might be affected by weedkiller/herbicide, fungals would be affected by fungicides, etc). That could help give piercing weapons the damage they need lategame, and help make small, fast weapons and throwing weapons more viable. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of lategame strategy that could be really neat to mess around with.

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I don’t see poisons in the definitive sense affecting zombies, maybe the side quest where you study zombie blood with the hopes of a cure could lead to the recipe of some kind of antimutagen that essentially works like a poison to kill a zombie from the inside out.

Acid on the other hand would be quite effective as an early game throwing weapon. Though to be of any practical use instead of coating a weapon with it, you would instead throw some kind of glass container filled with the collected acid, creating a pool very much like what zombie scientists do.

Regular poisons might not effect zombies, but I wonder if purifier would. Since canonically purifiers work by purging some measure of blob infection from the body IIRC. And then it wouldn’t be a cheap and easy poison to craft which would help to balance it out. I still don’t see it being worth it over just shooting them.

Not a poison. But a chemical reaction. This would not only be viable. But it would certainly be an advanced game…thing. I began well enough on that. But the word for it escaped me. Anyway >_>

Perhaps when the toon is able to make Purifier. Making a weaponized version of it with some other chemicals would make zombies explode after 12 seconds on a timer. Turns them into a boomer. That if you don’t haul ass catches you in a flesh and bone bomb?

Deployment Methods:

-Bolt / Arrow(with a small syringe?)
-Throwing Knife (with a glass syringe like tube or pod duct taped. Blade enters body it shatters turns back into a normal version of the throw knife)

Any other suggestions of deployment?

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Possibly a gaseous release. Assuming the blob acts as an effectively single celled organism the majority of it could conceivably act as a permeable membrane. I think you would need a heavy dose of purifier for it to still be effective in this regard. Especially if the zombies themselves act as a sort of cell wall.

You gave me an other idea.

-Paintball capsules and paint ball gun as deployment.

The PAR fires ball bearings. Maybe it could fire capsules as well. Easier than adding a new gun imo. I mostly just wonder at the efficacy of this since we don’t really know how the blob functions in regards to this since purifier just returns the PC closer to their baseline genetic structure. I’d need to know more about the actual biochemistry of the whole affair because right now it’s just a “maybe cool thing that someone could probably add if they really want.”

I just ran with the idea. I doubt Kevin cares much. I would imagine something similar to that of Lucy(film) or a bio fusion reaction ala Akira (anime). So adding a destabilizer to the body would be like adding anti-matter to normal matter.

Kevin can correct or destroy that idea if he feels like.

Poison effects zombies (you can see this in their files) because they’re still “Alive” in some sense, and particular toxins can wreak havoc on their biology.

In the thread I started on adding craftable chemical warfare agents, Kevin confirmed that vesicants (blister agents) like Mustard Gas and similar would work on zombies. I would expect substances that are toxic and cause rapid, significant damage to cellular structures in humans would be able to kill zombies. The blob might provide them some resistance, so you might need MORE than a regular person, and it would be able to repair/revive them after poison “kills” them; but in the end the blob is still basically just driving a mutated human body whose cellular structures still have to do business with chemistry and physics. I suspect toxins that could kill a human fast (neurotoxins, vesicants, necrotoxins, cytotoxins, cyanide, etc) would work, but things that will kill slowly, like radiation poisoning (even acute radiation poisoning from an extreme dose may take a day to kill you from the DNA damage) for example, would not, as the blob can compensate and repair.


Actually as I stated already. An instantaneous chemical violent reaction to where the chemical cohesion of the creature explodes when a special agent is introduced to the zombies. May also take a few turns to react but then BOOM!