Pocketing more pockets! [Sewing pockets]

I hope this is an interesting idea. What stops us from adding pockets to clothes if we have thread and rags? Nothing!

That’d be actually pretty awesome. Extra volume! Maybe it could have a tradeoff, like not being able to be refitted? Also this would only be able to normal clothes that already have volume values, yet I don’t know if this is a good system. What do you think?

IIRC, this was either implemented or at least suggested during the first rounds of the tailoring kit update a while back, but was removed/withheld until more work was done on layering and encumbrance rebalances.

Though now that adding fur/wool for warmth and leather/kevlar for protection adds encumbrance, it seems logical that adding pockets also would add encumbrance.

I assume rags would be used for this, as it’s currently the odd material out on the list of sewing materials that doesn’t have a use with the tailors kit (not counting the repair/reinforcement of cotton items, which isn’t unique to the tailors kit).

I recall the problem being that there is no good way to tell how many pockets of what size will fit on a given item.

Hmm. You’d that coverage percent, body part coverage, and/or item volume would all potentially be relevant.

Those were all obvious. No one could come up with a good formula, though.

Old one had stupid crap like sewing extra pockets on a backpack, cleansuit or even at one point a rifle.

Hmm. Seems like one possible step in the right direction is prevent sewing items into items on the strapped layer, though I should point out I have sewed pockets into a backpack IRL. In that instance was for better organizing stuff for lack of enough compartments, not for more storage. And we don’t really have “better organization” as an in-game effect, only as the rationale for that one trait that multiplies volume.

Sewing layers into clothing should probably reduce environmental protection, I would assume. Now presumably sewing nomex into an item would logically affect fire resistance, but other than that EP would have to go down whether you’re adding pockets or kevlar. Poking holes into an NBC suit is generally a bad idea. XP

As for storage amounts…hmm. Item volume is actually a tad arbitrary now that I think about it. Maybe multiply some fixed bonus by the number of body parts covered, then multiply THAT by coverage percent? Or basically, make coverage percent be a reducing factor.