Pls help, im stuck doing photos

I have found a advanced AR glasses and while using them i manage to get a bug where pic related menu appears every time i do something multiple times in a row. I think i started to listen to music with those when i checked sd card. pls send help,i dont wanna more selfies. I tried unloading, removing and nothing works.

I manage to save myself from the camera menu, I had to find a way to destroy the AR glasses, debug mode delete items do not work. I had my truck next to me so throwed them under wheel and run them over. Im finally free

looks related to Weird "nothing to read" prompt at random times · Issue #56127 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

I also have a something similar but instead it keeps opening the Eat menu, the irony is that it doesn’t even let me eat because when I do the screen just blinks and I still haven’t eaten anything.

Got it to stop by having nothing to consume in my inventory, which was impossible without debugging myself into controlling one of my companions, it stopped after telling me I have nothing to eat.