Playing with cursor keys and ISO tileset


Ok, I have a notebook without a numpad, vikeys sucks (I´m german so z and y are swapped, but vikeys suck anyways) and so I´m happily playing with my cursor keys all the time. Recently I tried an iso tileset and I instantly fell in love with it.
Problem is, with the cursor keys and isometric view you miss one field after the other because you´re moving basically diagonally only.
OK, I thought let´s experiment with the keys swapping menu and put up, down, l and r to SE, SW, NE and NW and that´ll be it.
Since those are global AND you first have to remove left, right, up and down before you can re-assign them I first removed global options a to h. Then, I re-assigned b,d,f,h to L,R,Up,Down and I could move around like I used to, being able to walk every tile… 45° shifted, but OK.
Problem is, now I can´t navigate the menus anymore!!

So, my first basic question is: How do you guys use ISO tilesets with computers that have no numpad?
And the other would be: How can I keep my new keys like I changed them PLUS navigate the menus again?

You can rebind the menu keybindings I think, I remember I had to do it when serving Twitch Plays CDDA.

OK, but re-assigning keys to up,dn,l and r doesn´t help. the character will move on the map, but no menu works then.

Hmmm… there must be anybody here who plays iso tiles or who knows a bit about the key mapping…

There are some keys to move the “view”. What about replacing those?